January Obsessions

January Obsessions

January is coming to a close, so it’s time for a roundup of my monthly obsessions.

1. Paper Stock Animal, 8 GBP (sold out): The hand drawn black and white print adds a fun and playful vibe to this little notebook and jacket. And I love me some leopard.

2. Caravan Pacific Vanderbilt Table Lamp in Blue Crackle and Maple, $450: Lamps. The only things I prefer squat and round.

3. Leo Coaster by BlyDesigns (no longer available): Geodes have been around forever … literally. But now they’re popping up in stores like West Elm and Neiman Marcus. I dig the bookends, but really like the coasters, especially with a glint of gold around the edges.

4. Themis Mobile Mono, $44: For a few years I slept under a Calder-like mobile. It was so beautiful and I never got tired of looking at it. That’s how I feel about this one. I’m convinced I can find a way to DIY, but until then I might just pick up this one.

5. Sofa 3031 5-Seated, $7,440: The variety of color (14 different shades of blue-green linen to be exact); the length (5 seater!); and the round solid feet make this couch almost … perfect. If it was velvet, then we’d be talking. And taking out a small loan from the bank. For a ridiculous couch that Bear would promptly throw up on. And so it goes.

6. Shoji Armoire, $1,199: Armoires have an air of romance, but are usually so heavy that all I think about is how long it would take to dust and how heavy it would be to move. That’s why I love this one. It has a simple design and doesn’t look like it takes over a room with it’s size.

7. “Surf” by Adam Secore, (price on request): I just saw this photograph at LA Photo. The composition and dreamy quality of the filter made Adam Secore’s work stand out at the exhibition. Then, I went home and looked him up. Turns out Lindsay Lohan’s his muse. Like him a little less. Dammit Internet, why you’d have to ruin it for me?

8. Rag Chair by Tajo Remy, (price unsure): This chair was actually invented in 1991, but I just recently discovered it. Made up of old clothes, it’s not just a place to sit, but also a remark on the few possessions of immigrants and homeless. A chair with a political message … love it.

What have you been obsessing over this month?