Melrose Trading Post: January

Melrose Trading Post: January

Compared to the other flea markets, the Melrose Trading Post is small. Only half the vendors actually sell legit vintage items, the others hock crafts and new wares. But, it happens to be right down the street from my house, only costs $2 to get in, and is a great way to spend a Sunday. And if celebrity spotting is your thing, you’ll find a few of them hanging around (like¬†John Malkovich, who was there on Sunday).


Welcome! I don’t know how much this little leprechaun was selling for, but he was definitely an attention-getter.

I found this beautiful bird plate for $20, but decided to pass on it.


It’s pretty, isn’t it? Next, I stumbled upon these lamps. They were made of a light blue glass.


The vendor wanted $33, but instantly went down to $20 once I started walking away. They were the right shape, just not the right color …


Someone told me that she saw brass silverware for sale. I didn’t find any, but found this beautiful set for $45. I didn’t get them, and these might be my market regret for the week.

Of course, there are things I hate about the flea market. For example:


Notice the dresser on the left. They have tons of “worn” furniture, usually in a type of blue or teal paint with white underneath. It sells like hot cakes, but is hideous, mainly because it’s so obviously man-made wear and tear. I just can’t take it. And usually they end up ruining a really nice piece of furniture. Blech.


Oh hello, little brass pig sculpture. I don’t know how much you are, but you are cute.


And who doesn’t love a vintage basketball pic? Actually, this pic is from Brooks’ senior year of high school. Can you pick him out? KIDDING. Kinda … ’cause he did have a Happy Days-esque high school experience.

In the end, I didn’t get anything, which is good ’cause I’m not flush with cash these days. Plus, I need to save up my pennies for something I really want, like this disco globe: disco-globe