A Valentine’s Day Picnic

A Valentine’s Day Picnic

I completely get people who hate Valentine’s Day — “It’s a Hallmark holiday” or “Why not tell people you love them everyday?” Yadda, yadda, yadda. I get it. BUT, I love hearts and hot pink so much that it’s kinda hard to hate the 14th. And the reality is that we DON’T tell people we love them everyday.  Sometimes we do need a reminder. So, every year I choose to use Valentine’s Day as a chance to tell all my good girlfriends how much I care for them, that all they do for me doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. For those that live on this coast, that means a very special Valentine’s Day picnic.


photo by Monica Wang

On the menu: Sprinkles cupcakes, blood orange soda, sweetheart candies, heart-shaped sugar cookies, pomegranates, watermelon, and strawberries. Yup, I like my food in a pinkish/red hue too.



photo by Monica Wang

Here’s how I got the look:

Picnic table: It’s the INGO table from Ikea, $69.99, and probably the cheapest table you can buy there. We applied a stain to this one, but have kept it outside, so it’s a little weathered and warped. (Not intentionally.)

Linens: I made the light pink linen napkins and runner. First official sewing project on my own. Pretty nice, if I do say so myself.

Plates: The white FARGRIK plates are from Ikea, $2.99/each, the pink plates are depression-era glass and from the Long Beach Flea Market, $7. The silverware is from West Elm, $29/set. I actually liked this rose gold set better, $39/set, but they were on back order. The small, gold rimmed glasses are also from the Long Beach Flea Market for $10/set of six. The ice cream glasses are from a local bargain restaurant dishware store, $1.99/each.

Vases: I used carafes from that bargain dishware store. They ranged from $2 to $6, and they were also used for the soda. The large octagonal-ish jar was a gift from Emily Henderson. And the little white/gold pitcher is from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, $1.99.

All the flowers came from Moe’s Flowers.



A huge thank you to Monica Wang. She’s a fabulous photographer, and becoming a fast friend. And Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there, whether you like the holiday or not. As Auden writes in “September 1, 1939,” his poem about the beginning of World War II: “We must love one another or die.” OK, that’s a tad bit dramatic, but what’s Valentine’s Day without a little poetry … huh, huh?