Coasting …on the Interwebs

Coasting …on the Interwebs

I love buying accessories; it’s always the fun, easy part of decorating. Well, there is one hard part — picking just one (or a handful) out of many great accessory options. For example, I need coasters. Not that I have any super spendy pieces of furniture that require protecting (most of our living room is from Craigslist, flea markets, and thrift stores), but wiping up sweat rings isn’t that much fun. Besides there are tons of fun coasters to choose from … if I could only choose. These are my top picks right now:


Emily has these are her coffee table right now, and they are darling. I love gold, the simple leather material is flexible and sturdy, and the octagon shape is starting to appear everywhere. Metallic Leather Coasters, $36.


I’m generally not a fan of fabric coasters ’cause they always looks little bit country — in a bad way — but these African-inspired cloth ones have me reconsidering. Coasters – Set of Four (Navy, Black, and Silver), $18.


At first I thought these needlepoint coasters were supposed to be hearts (anatomical), but now I’m not so sure. I just like the craftsmanship and the swirls of colors. Too bad I was too late on this one — already sold on Etsy. Boo.

These coasters are made of felt and all the crazy details are laser cut. I don’t know how great they would be at stopping sweat rings, but I like the different colors, and the creativity of the shapes. Funky Felt Coasters, $25.


Of course, finding an amazing vintage set of coasters would be heavenly, kinda like these metallic/pearl netting ones. Again, sold so fast …

jonathan-adler-coasters The pros also have some nice coaster selections. These are from Jonathan Adler and are pretty pricy. These would be the “If I won the lottery …” coaster set. Jonathan Adler Hollywood Coasters, $68.

leather-gold-coasters These might take the cake. Cowhide and gold … it’s pretty spectacular. But at $12 each, that doesn’t fit my budget. Designer Coaster Gold, $12/each. Belated President’s Day present, huh? Anyone, anyone?

Which ones do you like the best? Do you have any recommendations that are sturdy (so no letterpress), and have some gold in the design? Please share.