The Place Where I Don’t Cook

Confession: I hate cooking. It makes me extremely anxious … the same with houseplants. I can’t have houseplants without worrying constantly about their health. BUT back to the kitchen. I might not like to cook, but I do love china, dishes, platters, mugs, basically any type of serving or dinnerware. So while I might not use the kitchen for much, I do like to make it look pretty.


So it doesn’t have the ideal hardware or faucet or floor … and it’s super tiny. But it has great windows and gets a lot of light. Sometimes when I wash the dishes, I like to pretend that I’m in a cottage in the Swiss Alps, and not just staring at my neighbor’s backdoor steps. As for the little plant on the sink, Boyfriend takes care of it. Though, now I have to see if he’s watered it recently. See? The anxiety?


A little more of the kitchen. As you can see, we have a bunch of glassware that doesn’t even fit into the cupboards. Granted, we only have a few cupboards … which means I can’t be an extreme couponer. Damn.

Pictures of the other side of the kitchen to come!